Flood Damage

Flood Damage 

Repairing Water-Damaged Interiors

Water leaks and Flood Damage, typically cause some interior damage, ranging from stains to structural problems. Some repairs are fairly easy to do. Others, especially if damage is extensive from flood damage

Mold is a major concern when there's water damage. Mold can be cleaned off some surfaces. However, if there's extensive mold growth inside of walls and other materials, it's best to remove these materials and rebuild these areas.

Sagging Sheetrock

Sagging sheetrock is damaged sheetrock.  If you're concerned about mold, or you've spotted mold growth, you should consider having damaged sheetrock removed and  replaced with new sheetrock. 

Patching Plaster and Drywall

Water can make these materials swell and crumble. If the damage isn't extensive -- you're seeing small holes and cracks -- patching is fairly easy to do. Larger repairs typically require some structural work, and are often more labor intensive. 

Water Stains

Water damage typically causes streaks and blotches on walls and ceilings that range in color from dark yellow to brown. They're caused by substances in the sheetrock or plaster that have leached to the surface. If the surfaces themselves aren't damaged, you can paint over these stains. But need to seal the area first to prevent further leaching.

All areas will have to be washed with a detergent solution designed for cleaning paint and killing mold, and let dry for a couple of days. Next is to apply a stain-blocker primer or sealer when completely dry, followed by your finish paints

Water Damage to Woodwork

If painted surfaces are blistered or peeling, paint stripping in areas may apply, If they're just dulled or stained then thoroughly cleaned, primed then painted

Minor damage to varnished wood can often be repaired by lightly sanding the area and applying a new coat of varnish. If the damage is extensive, you might have to remove the varnish, sand the wood down to smooth out the damage, and refinish.

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